Funded projects

Results of the 5th open call

Strengthened democratic culture and civic awareness


Estonian Environmental Law Center

EUR 100 000

Estonian Environmental Law Center is an expert organization acting in public interest, founded in 2007 by Estonian Fund for Nature and by three environmental lawyers. EELC has been created to help achieve that the environmental legislation and application thereof ensure that environment meets people’s health and well-being needs, in addition to biodiversity.

EELC provides legal aid, carries out advocacy work, provides training, drafts legal analyses and guidance documents, shares information through EELC’s newsletter and takes part in field-specific international cooperation. Main target groups are NGOs (environmental organizations and local organizations), communities and private individuals.


Federation of Estonian Student Unions

EUR 100 000

The Federation of Estonian Students’ Unions (EÜL) represents all higher education students in Estonia comprising of 14 higher education institution student councils in Estonia operating in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Narva, Haapsalu, and Kuressaare. EÜL’s vision is to stand for students’ rights, needs, and interests on the national level and support the student council’s work in doing so. Therefore, EÜL contributes to the development of civil society by actions directed towards the higher education population in Estonia. EÜL also values and develops voluntarism by offering opportunities for all to engage in voluntary instances of the organization (the council, the advisory council, the board).


Estonian Green Movement

EUR 100 000

The Estonian Green Movement (EGM), founded in 1988, is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental protection. EGM aims to support climate change adaptation that includes the preservation and restoration of our remaining environment. EGM also intends to reinforce societal transformation towards a fair and sustainable economic model to ensure a liveable environment for future generations. EGM's objectives include general awareness-raising among policymakers and the public, including people's right to hold companies responsible for their environmentally harmful actions; advocating for the interests and voices of affected communities and involving them in decision-making; empowering citizens to tackle the environmental problems in their communities.


Wider support for human rights and equal treatment


Estonian Human Rights Centre

EUR 100 000

Estonian Human Rights Centre (EHRC) is an independent non-governmental human rights advocacy organisation. EHRC was founded in December 2010. The mission of EHRC is to work together for Estonia to become a country that respects the human rights of each person in the country. EHRC’s current focus is on the advancement of equal treatment of minority groups, diversity & inclusion and the human rights of the asylum seekers and refugees. EHRC coordinates the Estonian Diversity Charter. They also monitor the overall human rights situation in Estonia and publish bi-annual independent human rights reports about the situation in Estonia.  


Oma Tuba NGO

EUR 100 000

NGO Oma Tuba is a feminist organization that aims to bring about positive change in society on issues related to women, sexual and gender minorities, mainly through communication, events, and activism. Since 2015, Oma Tuba runs the independent feminist web gender equality. Feministeerium works to ensure that the feminist perspective is consistently prominent in Estonia and that the feminist movement is strong. Oma Tuba is a member of the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations, Cooperation Roundtable, Equal Treatment Network, and Transgender Europe. Oma Tuba works by way of advocacy and communication in the areas of gender equality, equal treatment and human rights, as well as through the feminist community, giving them platform and voice.